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Scenario 1:  New Home

Client purchases a property to build a home or develop an income producing property. 

    In this instance, BTG can provide the following services:

     Take the lead and/or assist the Owner with selection of the architect, general contractor project team, and other consultants

     Assist legal counsel in drafting agreements/contracts which will include control documents that will be used to monitor project progress (costs and time)

     Oversee all consultants, manage the project, and be the one point of contact for the project team so the Owner does not have to take time out of his/her schedule to deal with project issues

Scenario 2:  Stalled Project

Client has a project currently under construction that is in trouble. 

Examples of this include a project under construction where the contractor is over budget and/or behind schedule, or the contractor needs to be replaced due to fraud, bankruptcy or other reasons.

      In this case, BTG can provide the following services:

     Evaluate the situation, determine the issues, and set a plan in place to implement changes. 

     Work with the appropriate individuals or entities to make the necessary changes. 

     Implement and manage those changes to make sure the project gets back on track.

Scenario 3:  Property Potential / Evaluation

Client has an investment and is trying to understand the property's value.

Example:  An institution or investor may need to determine if they should continue to fund a project or sell their interest to a partner or third party.

      The services BTG would provide are: 

     Prepare a cost and feasibility analysis to determine the actual costs to complete the project versus what has been spent to date.

      Work with the appropriate firms and/or individuals in obtaining market data.

     Create a financial model to determine a project's internal rate of return (IRR).




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